Surfing Terms

Below you’ll find some useful slang surfing terms:

Speaking of slang, although this is definitely not strictly surfing terms, remember what we all use to call anyone who had to wear braces? Back in the day we might have referred to braces as Train-Tracks, Suspenders, or someone who was wearing braces as Metal-Mouth. Of course hip hop brought us GRILLZ which anyone who surfs would have to be so dumb to wear. Nowadays, with all the new technology, you can wear braces and they are pretty unobtrusive. My sister used to call her clear braces Las Vegas Specials. And she was right. Her smile is now as perfect as a Las Vegas show girl. Her orthodontist told her that with a clear brace system like the Invisalign System, which combines advanced 3-D computer graphics technology with advanced orthodontics, no one really will notice the braces. And when she out on the water, she doesn’t even need to wear them- if it isn’t for the whole day.

Now quick story about slang terms that doesn’t have anything directly to do with surfing, nevertheless could affect surfers. Are you familiar with the pox, clam, clap, crabs, z3, etc. Each of these terms refer to an std. Slang words for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are common and vary according location so where you live there may be other slang terms used. Now if you were careless and didn’t use a condom, have multiple partners, or have a history of a prior STD and are worried about contacting an std, one great option is purchasing online a home std exam and get results in 15 minutes. At the moment you can’t purchase an std home testing kit at a pharmacy, at least not in the US. If you live in Europe you are in luck since they do sell such kits, over-the-counter. But for us in the USA you will need to order online, if you don’t want to go to a clinic or private doctor. You take the test at home in complete privacy and can get results in 15 minutes. Obviously if the result is positive or you have symptoms that persist, you should get yourself to a doctor immediately for treatment. On the other hand, if the result is negative and no symptoms persist, you get peace of mind.

We know that these terms can be considered a living language in many cases. That means that some words will fall out of popular use while others become popular. Also, there will be variations of the following terms. The entire thing is a machine with moving parts for lack of a better phrase to describe it with…

Anyway, now for the real surfing terms:

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