We have just received word an anonymous sponsor has stepped forward to help out the team, who when the time is right will be offering 20% of its profits from its jewelry store that sells both cubic zirconia or diamond jewelry. Some folks call cubic zirconia gemstones the poor man’s diamond since it is a synthetic gemstone that very closely resembles diamonds. Nowadays, it is a highly popular gemstone used frequently in jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Because of its startling diamond-like appearance and inexpensive price tag, it is the diamond-looking ring that couple go to if they can’t afford real diamonds. However, cubic zirconia has become a gemstone in its own right with stunning settings. Cubic zirconia gemstones weigh about 65% more than diamonds of the equivalent size. Because cubic zirconia gemstones have a higher dispersion rate than diamonds, when light shines on them the result is brilliant sparkles with many different colors refracted within the crystalline structure. This extreme sparkle of actually outshining a diamond is what would “give away” to the observant person that the piece of jewelry was not actually a diamond. Cubic zirconia manufacturers, in an effort to differentiate their gemstones from competitors are coating their finished CZs in a film of diamond-like carbon. The process uses chemical vapor deposition, and helps to quench the dispersion rate excess of cubic zirconia, making the gem appear more like diamond. The addition of certain metal oxide dopants into the feed powder of the cubic zirconia gem results in a variety of colors such as yellow, purple, or red.

When our “mysterious” sponsor reveals the sale at their store(s), keep your fingers crossed that lots of people come to buy their cubic zirconia and diamond jewelry. The more customers, the more our Edison surf team will benefit.

Thank you to all our sponsors! They are helping the future of local surfers. We really appreciate all they do for us. Please support and visit our sponsor’s sites.

Jack’s Surfboards
I know, there are lot’s of Jack’s Surfboards in CA. There are 12 stores at the moment located in Corona Del Mar, Dana Point, Hermosa Beach, Irvine, San Clemente, Newport Beach, and a bunch along Huntington Beach. Most of us are familiar with the 101 Main Street, Huntington Beach store. I’m sure you have all visited it numerous times. They sure appreciate the business and are giving back to the Edison Surf team with some discounts and donations, along with some money.


Hurley has been around before most of you were born. Hurley Surfboards was established in Costa Mesa in 1979. Hurley Surfboards was excelling as a company well into the early 1980’s and Bob was shaping surfboards for many of the best surfers in the world. Check out thier website. They have some awesome photos and live actions videos that will blow you away.

Barry Vandermuelen Surfboards

Barry Vandermeulen is a Surfboard Shaper located in Huntington Beach, California. Give them a call today to order a custom board at 714.969.4304

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