Before we get into the 2006-2007 schedule, the coaches want to reiterate that we don’t want any of the team showing up for meets nibbling treats of the Maryjane variety. UPDATE: Remember that admonishment? Boy have the times changed. Now California has hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries offering cannabis edibles made from different marijuana hybrids. And although you need a medical marijuana card to have access to commercially controlled marijuana edibles, it seems just about any enterprising teenager has access to the store bought variety. Back in the day we would bake our own marijuana infused cookies and brownies. But today there is a huge variety from sweet to savory to drinks. It blows my mind. Can’t wait till California goes the way of Colorado and Washington!

I just love going to the HighTimes Cannabis Cup events. The most recent was just held this year in San Francisco and another in Los Angeles. The best eibles at the in Los Angeles event went to:
1st Place — Liquid Gold Delights Mint Meltaways from G Pharma Labs
2nd Place — Terra Bites from Kiva Confections
3rd Place — Strawberry Banana Cream from Kushie Kandy

I couldn’t believe the number of vendor booths ranging from glassware and clothing to grow equipment and artwork. And then there were the numerous seminars with topics that included legalization regulations featuring California experts, current political regarding cannabis issues, grow seminars, as well as my favorite: a cooking seminar from a HighTimes cannabis cookbook author. What was so cool was a fenced off area with privacy screening, specifically for medicating (smoking). All a person needed was a valid medical card and a picture ID (for medical states) to be allowed to enter. Although the event planners do not allow the selling or distributing of cannabis, it doesn’t mean that there was no vaping. All in all the event was a celebratory and informational gathering for vendors and patients alike.

I just loved going from one marijuana edibles vender to the next. Those yummy edibles have sure come a long way since I was on the Edison Surf Team.

Edison Surf Team Schedule 2006-2007

Day                              Date                             Opponent                    Location

Tuesday                       Oct.            10                    Milikan             Home

Thursday                      Oct.            19                    Marina                         Home

Thursday                      Oct.             26                    Milikan             Goldenwest

Tuesday                       Oct.             31                    Huntington                   Home

Wednesday                  Nov.            8                    Fountain Valley            Magnolia

Wednesday                 Nov.            15                    San Clemente            T-Street

Thursday                      Nov.             30                    Marina                        Cove-HB Cliffs

Thursday                      Dec.             7                      Huntington                   Pier

Tues/Thurs                   TBA                             Newport Harbor            TBA

Wednesday                  Dec.            13                All Star Contest            Pier

Wednesday                  TBA                             San Clemente                      T Street

4 Saturdays                  Feb., March             CCSA                          Local Spots

Saturday, Sunday         TBA                             I.S.F. State                        Oceanside

Wednesday                  March            TBA     Los Alimitos                        TBA

Saturday,Sunday          TBA            March              NSSA State                Churches

Sunday             June            22-24               NSSA Nationals            Salt Creek

* Please note that these dates are tentative, there will be revised schedules made as needed.

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