Conrats to the Edison Surf Team Newlyweds!
Dane and Emily Brimer were married Saturday, February 19.  The wedding was an all star surf affair complete with groomsmen wearing thongs and surfboards walking down the aisle.  God bless and make some future Edison surfers.

Congratulations to Timmy Reyes!

He finishes 6th on the WQS and has qualified for the WCT.  Timmy made it all the way to the Semi’s at the O’neill World Cup at Sunset Beach.  Timmy is only the second person out of Huntington Beach to qualify for the WCT.  We are looking forward to a great pro career.

I have a debt to pay to Timmy’s father who is a trucking injury lawyer. I met Tom Reyes when I was a victim of a trucking accident a number of years ago. After successfully representing me in what turned out to be a pretty complicated case, he ensured that I was fairly compensation for my injuries, as well as for the emotional, or financial losses. He also litigated additional compensation for property damage, lost income, diminished earning capacity, and pain and suffering. I became friends with the family. After months of rehab I was finally able to get back to my first love- surfing. Tom made a pretty serious prediction with me one day while we were at the beach having a paddle (this was when Timmy was only 8 yrs old). He said that his son would one day make it to the WCT and when he did he’d take us all out to the best sushi restaurant in Los Angeles. We’re driving down for the weekend. Sushi Zo I am dreaming of you! Thanks Timmy for making this happen.

Spring break 2004 the crew will hit all the legendary reef passes.  Check back for updates and pictures.

We are doing research into future longboard surfing destinations for short getaways and longer ones. Many are here in California. Here is a list of our top destinations for searching for perfect waves.
1. Close by but still great is First Point in Malibu, California. With the right point break, the quintessential toes-on-the-nose longboard waves, here we come.
2. To our south with waves that are worth the journey south of the border, lets hit the long bumpy road to Scorpion Bay in Baja California.
3. We’ll hit San Onofre several times in the next year.AS you know, the longboarders rule the waves here with the three main breaks offering long and mellow rights and are best on a south swell
4. Ok, Ok, now for a little traveling. On the south shore of Oahu in Hawaii, one of Waikiki’s most famous breaks, Queens offers long rides and plenty of time to hang ten.
5. Still on Oahu, but this time on the North Shore, for those who are the most experienced let’s take a look at Sunset Beach. Famous for big wave surfing, we’ll enjoy watching world-class longboarders who love the challenge.
6. Moving onto Maui, Hawaii Mala Wharf is one of the best longboarding waves on the island. Fun lefts break off the old wharf over a reef bottom on a strong south swell.
7. And finally Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia. This is an iffy destination since we’ve been told the waves can be fickle and inconsistent. However, when it’s good, it’s really good when the winds and swell line up you’ll find the series of right points are epic.

Now I know you will be asking ” Hey, what about Costa Rico, South Africa, Tonga, Fiji, and Tahiti. Those destinations are all yours to visit upon graduation. So work hard, get good with your skills.

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