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Thank you for checking out the Edison Surf Team Website. Here at Edison, we are fortunate enough to have a full surf program. We have a surf class that meets every morning at 6:30am and the students get P.E. credit.  About 75 surfers meet at the beach to improve skills, respect the ocean, and have fun.  Out of the 75 surfers, we have a Surf team that competes against other schools up and down the coast.

The Surf team has about 35 surfers.  This includes shortboarders, longboarders, women, and bodyboarders.  Our surfing season goes all school year.  In the fall we have our local contests before school which is called the Sunset league.  Next we have the CCSA season that runs through the winter months on the weekends.  In the spring we have the CISF and NSSA state championships.  We finish in June with the NSSA Nationals.

Surfers are expected to strive in the classroom.  Surfers must carry a 2.0 gpa in order to compete on the team.  Students are rewarded for having a 3.4 or higher gpa by earning the student academic award.  This award is given at the year-end banquet by the Athletic Director.

Besides excelling in the classroom and in the ocean, surf team members are expected to be good citizens.  Each year, the surf team collects warm clothes from our community to give to homeless people.  The surfers feed the homeless and give them donated clothes.

The Edison Surf Team tries to be self sufficient, but we would not turn down support. In the past year one of our surfer’s parents who have an online wig store held a month long sale for Raquel Welch fashion wigs, one of the many wig brands that they carry. They donated 5% of each sale of a Raquel Welch wig to the team. An email blast was sent out to their customers that had bought Raquel Welch wigs in the past and they promoted the sale on their Facebook page as well as their wig blog. The response was very positive to the Raquel Welch wig sale and at the end of the month the Edison Surf Team was given a nice check. Such unexpected support helps the team in many ways. We thank you for your generosity.

Traveling is the highlight of any surfers life.  Each year, the surfteam goes on a camping trip.  We surf, hang out, eat, and have bocce-ball competitions.  This summer we are going to Costa-Rica on a boat trip.  We are seriously stoked for that trip.

This program would not be possible without the support of the school, great parents and surfing community.  A big thank you to our major sponsors; Jack’s surfboards and Split Clothing.

If you have any questions about our program, you can call, E-mail or write.

Thank you

Zoran Forgiarini

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (714) 962-1356 ext. 382
Edison High School
21400 Magnolia Ave.
Huntington Beach Ca. 92646

There are a few surfing – related sports that do not require waves, such as paddle – boarding and sea kayaking. Kite – surfing and windsurfing are others, relying more on wind for power. However, some surfers try to get the best of both worlds, and use these platforms to ride waves as well.

Live it to surfers to push the surf envelope. There is a new surf phenomenon that is gaining traction: wake surfing. Here, with the use of V – drive boats, riding the boat wake has emerged.

Any getaway to one of these destinations is well worth it. So pack the board, bring plenty of sunblock, and if necessary, a wet suit. You are going to have a great time.

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