We’re proud of our Surfing Hall Of Fame alumni. Many have continued to enjoy the sport as well as remain in the sport as instructors or salespersons for sports related clothing and equipment. Some have taken their surfing experience and utilized it in other careers. Take for instance 1990-91 Brian Sanders. He just recently was named a National Sales Manager for Lost Clothing. Sanders will oversee all aspects of national sales, including heading up the internal and external sales force. Lost has a long history of producing high-end, quality surfboards and attitude-inspired surf clothing.

Or Patrice Beckham, the 1991-92 Bon Ami winner, who interned for a renown Lafayette attorney for maritime injuries for a year before becoming a paralegal for the same law firm. One of the legal partners at that firm turned him on to a startup that builds wave pools and is planning to be the first surfing facility in the US to have a bona fide Surfing Hall of Famer as a principle in a landlocked surfing training facility.

Or 1987-88 Derek Jenkins who has been the North American design director for Mazda since 2009. Previously he had worked as a designer in the 1990’s at Volkswagen and Audi. Volkswagen gave Jenkins the opportunity to distill the Huntington Beach lifestyle of his youth into one car: the Microbus, a culmination of everything good and carefree about Southern California, by way of Germany. In a recent article posted on Autoweek he said: I always draw parallels to that lifestyle and cars,” he concluded. “Cars for surfing, cars that rich people drive, cars that kids drive — I was just constantly exposed to cool cars. And I just relate that with cruising, and beach culture, and surf trips. I feel like keying into popular culture, and understanding why people of that culture choose certain cars helped me.” For someone who has owned a an Audi Quattro Coupe, and then a Volkswagen Vanagon in the same shade of red, and later a Lotus Esprit and then a Lamborghini Espada, decorating his home with silk drapes & curtains is not a far stretch. Just as precisely-tailored silk curtain designs are crafted to match the scale of one’s home and to avoid overpowering the room’s furniture and decor, car designs must also be finely crafted to meet specific standards. Likewise fabrication and color are very important. Silk drapes can be made from Dupioni silk or silk taffeta. Silk taffeta weave often combines silk threads of different colors, making the fabric appear to change colors as it moves. Car finishes also can reflect colors to give a shimmery effect to the car’s surface. Of course for some one with Derek Jenkins design sensibilities cars are most likely jazzier and more fun to create, but even he eventually has to return home to chill.

Or 1994-95 Josh Boyer is an instructor at the Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy in Maui, Hawaii. The Royal Hawaiian Surf School has been teaching people to surf in Maui since 1996. Safety is their number one priority while being the #1 surf school on the island. Go Boyer!

Surfing Hall Of Fame

1975-76 Larry Dorn
1976-77 Tim Vaccaro
1977-78 Steve Power
1978-79 Tracy Prouse
1979-80 Tom McElroy
1980-81 Doug MacKenzie
1981-82 Bryan Dickerson
1982-83 Chris Conceicao
1983-84 Richie Bennet
1984-85 Dan Johnson
1985-86 Todd Bonnet
1987-88 Derek Jenkins
1988-89 Jeff Caselman
1989-90 Taylor Whisend
1990-91 Brian Sanders
1992-93 Justin Horner
1993-94 Pat Lopez
1994-95 Josh Boyer
1995-96 Jesse Evans
1996-97 Chris McEvoy
1997-98 Peter Labrador
1998-99 Jordan Schmidt
1999-00 Timmy Reyes
2000-01 Justin Hugron
2001-02 Curtis Resinger

1992-93 Erin Bailey
1993-94 Erin Bailey
1994-95 Melissa Brunner
1997-98 Amanda Bartz
1998-99 Emily Nehrig
1999-00 Emily Nehrig
2001-02 Melissa Murphy

Any Alumni interested in the program, E-mail us at [email protected]

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