Edison Surf Team

Update: Edison Defeats Huntington — Again!

No, really. After taking second place to Huntington Beach for so long that’s it became a cliche, the Edison Surf Team beat the Huntington team in last year’s Sunset Surfing League All-Star Championships.

Edison High School & fans rejoiced, but there was always the nagging possibility that it was a fluke. Perhaps Huntington just got a few bad breaks that day…

Nope, forget about it…because this year, Edison again claimed the top spot in the Sunset Surfing League All-Star Championships. Not only was it confirmation for the perennial bridesmaids, it was the first time in 25 years that any team has beat Huntington twice in a row. This gained them a bit of notice, and they realized this after receiving online gift baskets from family and supporters. Now these were not your ordinary gift baskets. Family and supporters got together and picked out items they knew the team members would especially like including favorite snacks and drinks. Many items in the gift baskets were personalized with the team member’s name, the date and location of the win. There were even some silly, jokey items tucked in as well. The folks in Edison wanted their team to know they were supported and appreciated. Hey, two years in a row as #1 at the Sunset Surfing League All-Star Championships!

Before I continue with this page, I’ve got to take my dogs for their evening “walk.” Often this is enjoyable, but sometimes this is a drag. I wish my parents would just install a couple of dog doors so I could just point a finger and say “OUT” to the needy animals and they could just tale care of business on their own. One of my best surfing buddies has electric dog doors for their pets that are activated by a receiver on the dog’s and cats’ collars. The door just opens the critters want to enter or exit. It’s so cool. And because the doors are activated by the pet’s collar you don’t have to worry about some other unwanted creature getting in the house. I’m working on my parents. It’s just the matter of time. But for now I have to take a quick break for the dogs.

Below, you’ll find some history and basic definition about water’s best sport, surfing.


Surfing is a water surface sport. A person (the surfer) travels along the face of a breaking ocean wave (the surf). Surfing can and does take place on rivers also – and this is referred to as riding a standing wave.

Here’s a tidbit on the origin of surfing: it was a central part of ancient Polynesian culture. Europeans first observed surfing at Tahiti back in 1767 – these astute Europeans were crew members of the Dolphin. In 1866, Mark Twain visited Hawaii, and wrote about the “naked natives…amusing themselves with the national pastime of surf-bathing.”

In pre-contact Samoa, surf riding on planks and single canoe hulls was also verified – and there, surfing was called fa’ase’e or se’egalu and Tonga.

Types Of Surfing

There are 2 major subdivisions of stand-up surfing: longboarding and shortboarding. As indicated by these terms, these subdivisions reflect differences in surfboard design (surfboard length and riding style).

As well, there’s tow-in surfing (which is most commonly associated with big wave surfing), where a motorized water vehicle tows the surfer straight into the wave front, which helps the surfer match a large wave’s higher speed.

Can you imagine trying to surf wearing Amore wigs? That would be a feat. I bet there is someone out there doing this now..

If you have never tried it out, you should.